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$TIPSY is a new type of ERC-20 meme token similar to DOGEcoin and SafeMoon but with more community oriented tokenmetrics. It started as a way for a group of friends on the internet to “cheers” each other from across the world. The token is decentralized and community driven on the blockchain. It is derived by the love of socializing and partying as a community of friends on the internet instead of the love for a specific dog. Recently DOGEcoin has made the news and attracted attention to animal meme coins whose communities come together to #HODL. 
$TIPSY is fully decentralized and owned by its fun, vibrant community. The community aims to reimagine the concept of social meme coins through real-time smart contract rewards to holders, and virtual events for internet friends to come together.



No single person owns $TIPSY Token, it is completely community owned by anyone who has a token. The tokenomics were designed for $TIPSY to be evenly distributed so no single wallet has the ability to crash the party. The team developers have come together to launch the project for the potential of growing a social community around the love of partying. 

$TIPSY DAO is a decentralized autonomous governance system for the $TIPSY community to control the process of marketing, development and all other parts of the project. The primary voting token is $TIPSY. From the regulatory perspective the project must be running under DAO authority. No team, no founders, all community members are project owners. Developers and community volunteers donate their time and money for $TIPSY to keep expanding. Proposals and voting will determine how community decisions are implemented including the developer wallet tokens.

Similar to DOGEcoin and SAFEMOON, this token is unique because its value is perceived on the growth of the community around the coin not a business plan. We’ve taken this concept and expanded our smart contract to offer more for the $TIPSY community. $TIPSYs tokenmetrics even go a step further than those projects by locking its liquidity. 

The $TIPSY community functions as a decentralized Ethereum smart contract, it is not a private company nor was it funded by an ICO or whitelist. Developers have donated their own ETH to launch the project and provide liquidity. 


$TIPSY Token’s growth as a community relies on its ability to HODL, but this doesn’t mean you can’t sell. That’s why the $TIPSY Token smart contract provides incentives to stay in the community. The community is equally distributed a reward of 3% of every $TIPSY transaction for staying in the party online.


There are new tokens created and introduced to the cryptocurrency space on a weekly basis. Many tokens launch but few succeed because of their lack of community, fear of rug pulls, and some are just scams. Unlike many DeFi token metrics the $TIPSY team has designed it to be for the people of its community.
Unfortunately malicious intent from scam cryptocurrency creators have given community meme coins a bad reputation for rug pulls and liquidity pool theft. That’s why the $TIPSY team has locked 95% of the liquidity in Uniswap to ensure the party keeps going.

Beyond this, social token projects lack benefits to the holders besides just the concept of “holding”. This is done through various mechanisms we want to try by creating a socialite ecosystem for the community driven by NFTs, a future swap pool or creating affiliate tokens with utility into a socialite token ecosystem.


The original idea for NFTs has been paused while ecological concerns from $TIPSY community members were raised.


$TIPSY was originally founded on a social mission and upon popularity in the crypto-sphere, the $TIPSY community overwhelmingly requested a charity donation feature. 

Since there is not an automated feature in the smart contract to generate the donation funds, there will be a donation by the developer team upon reaching a market cap milestone. 


$TIPSY Token is launching with a maximum fixed supply of 100 Quadrillion tokens in circulation. This gives plenty of room for everyone to get $TIPSY. This supply was chosen based on the performance of similar community token projects that have built strong communities. Our goal is to make $TIPSY accessible to anyone to be apart of the community.

We’ve locked 95% of $TIPSY liquidity by sending the liquidity tokens to VB and burned the rest to the Ethereum burn wallet. What does liquidity locked mean? This means $TIPSY has paired the value of 1 ETH to 95 Quadrillion $TIPSY Tokens and the Uniswap locker tokens have been destroyed, making it impossible for the liquidity pool to be taken out. This is a developer created project so $TIPSY Tokens have been given to the developer for sacrificing their own liquidity to lock the pool for the community.

Development is important in community driven tokens like $TIPSY, that’s why we’ve allocated 5% of our total supply to this. This will primarily go towards project development and exchange listings. These tokens will be held in a developer wallet to use as token burnings are needed.

All active community members will receive an equally distributed 3% reward of every transaction made with $TIPSY Tokens. This 3% comes from a fee from a seller’s tokens. Get a passive token reward for hanging out in the party! The more $TIPSY Tokens you have, the more of the 3% your wallet will be distributed per transaction. 


Started at $.00000000000001


No entity owns $TIPSY Token, it is an experimental meme-based DAO on the Ethereum blockchain.


We made it so there's room for growth and everyone can get $TIPSY. There is no ICO or whitelist.


To prevent manipulation and ensure the party doesn't stop. These $TIPSY Tokens have been locked.


3% token auto-staking equally redistributed to active $TIPSY holders.


5% of the supply to put into community growth. Some of these tokens may be used to burn.


Just a bunch of internet friends having fun! $TIPSY has no value expectations, only a mission to grow a party community.




Disclaimer: The information provided shall not in any way constitute a recommendation as to whether you should invest in any product discussed. TIPSY Token is a meme-based community token with no earnings expectations and accepts no liability for any loss occasioned to any person acting or refraining from action as a result of any material provided or published.